• A visit begins with the bright and airy Museum Shop and welcome desk

  • 18th-century displays with animated film and interactives

  • Objects are displayed against vibrant backdrops using imagery taken from the Museum's archive. These illustrations are from 'The Ladies' Amusement'.

  • Design interactive

  • Weighing the price of tea against the cost of rent, shoes and wages

  • There is dedicated space in the galleries for live demonstrations by skilled past factory workers

  • Paintings are displayed in the staircase picture gallery, leading to the first floor via stained-glass windows from St Peter's Church

  • The Factory Workshop

  • The Victorian Gallery

  • Groups with young children enjoy the Family Parlour

  • The 20th-century gallery puts Royal Worcester's more recent creations into a family-friendly setting

  • A visit ends with a celebration of the people who made Royal Worcester great

Use the left and right arrows to take a photo-journey through the new Museum or click on the arrow below to play a video tour of the 18th-century gallery.

We loved… the variety of items on display… the wonderful colours and light… the interactive displays for children.

It was very eye-catching with good, clear information.

The displays are fabulous.”

Visitors to the new Museum