Winner of the Poetry Challenge!

  • 30 November 2016

We are excited to announce the winner of our Worcester Porcelain Poetry Challenge, organised by Poet in Residence Suz Winspear. We had a total of 28 submissions and our local judges Alan Durham, Charley Barnes, Kieran Davies, and Suz Winspear, had a very difficult time choosing a finalist among the many high quality submissions.

The final winner is Georgina Byrne with “The Wedding List”, her first ever poem! Congratulations to Georgina, and a big thank you to everyone who submitted a poem. Our joint runners up were Shelagh Wain and Nina Lewis.


The Wedding List


Walking the shop with contained excitement,

plans for the future stacked like china plates;

those names, ‘Mountbatten Blue’ and ‘Evesham Gold’,

as mystical to us as parenthood and middle age.

Fretting over teacups – do people still use them –

Deciding a coffee pot was too lovely to ignore.

Real, grown-up crockery, an heirloom begun;

Giving tangibility to a hoped-for lifetime.


Food shared with friends, quiet anniversaries,

and that seven-course New Year’s feast,

when we cooked side-by-side and delicately laid morsels of love

within circles of blue and gold.

Moments to savour and devour:

a marriage measured in mealtimes,

laughter and disagreement intersecting the pattern of life,

slicing our world with flavour.


I run my finger around the plate’s painted rim,

rough against the smooth white porcelain.

Your brow is lined, the grey flecks your hair,

but still, across the table, we touch.

Another place has been set, a third voice mingles

high over the passing chime of dishes

and, pausing mid-conversation, I see grandchildren, years from now,

turning over saucers, reading our story.

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