William Hawkins retirement

The painters are posed in front of the Regency Museum with Mr Hawkins seated in the middle. It is interesting that I had the 1970 group of painters posed in the same position for the Royal Worcester book.

Left to right back row: T Lockyer, A Shuck, H Price, R Austin, W Bee, J Stanley, H Ayrton.

Second row: C Creese, H Everett, W Powell, E Sharples, W Long, J Freeman, A Halford, E Barker, R Rushton, G Moseley, W Bagnall, E Townsend, H Davis, WH Austin, H Stinton, J Stinton, E Spilsbury, G Hendry, W Sedgley.

Front row: K Blake, R Sebright, E Phillips, W Ricketts, W Hawkins, G Johnson, John Stinton, W Hale, M Hunt.

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