Explore fascinating facts about Worcester Porcelain. How did it become the first commercially successful porcelain manufactory? What are the processes involved? Who are the people behind the porcelain? Discover the origin of specific patterns and products and how to identify and care for your porcelain.
Museum of Royal Worcester - Origins of the Museum

Origins of the Museum

The origins of the Museum of Royal Worcester is a fascinating romp through design and manufacturing history. As one of the world’s leading specialist museums we are situated adjacent to the former Royal Worcester factory site in Severn Street, Worcester. During the 1860s and 70s Richard William Binns FSA (1819–1900), Managing Director, Art Director and …

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Museum of Royal Worcester - Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes

A great number of skills and processes combine to make every piece of china and porcelain and throughout the history of the company factory workers recognised and applauded their colleagues’ contribution.  In many cases it took years of practice to perfect skills and a very great deal of patience was needed.

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Museum of Royal Worcester - Factories


Porcelain manufacture was always a precarious business and the company changed hands many times during its 258 year history and the following factsheets cover each period and change of ownership. In 2008 the Severn Street factory closed and in 2009 the Royal Worcester brand and its intellectual property was acquired by Portmeirion Group, a leading …

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Museum of Royal Worcester - Historical dates and visits

Historical dates and visits

Historical dates and visits are plentiful as Royal Worcester’s reputation for producing exquisite ware was far reaching and attracted many famous customers and visitors. Particular dates in history were also celebrated by the factory who often made limited edition commemoratives to mark special occasions.

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Museum of Royal Worcester - Workers and factory owners

Workers and factory owners

Thousands of people worked for Royal Worcester during the Company’s 250 year history and it changed ownership many times.  This section of provides an insight to some of these individual artists and craftsmen and provides a greater understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurial industrialists, designers and craftsmen alike.

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