Royal Lily mug

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  • Description

    Straight sided mug hand decorated with the Royal Lily pattern in underglaze blue. Iron red edge and gilding to borders. During his visit to the Flight's Worcester factory in 1788, King George III ordered a breakfast service in the Blue Lily pattern which was renamed 'Royal Lily' in honour of Queen Charlotte. A breakfast service would usually include egg cups and a stand, large breakfast cups and saucers, small plates a butter tub, muffin dishes and a honey pot. This straight sided mug is hand painted in underglaze blue.

  • Date made


  • Material

    Soft paste porcelain

  • Factory mark

    Open crescent

  • Mark type

    Painted in underglaze blue

  • Provenance/assession

    From the collection of CW Dyson Perrins

  • Height

    4 3/8 ins

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