Museum of Royal Worcester - Avril Pulley Demonstrations

We’ve got a NEW series of Avril Pulley Demonstrations videos to inspire creative minds.

Avril Pulley trained and worked at the Royal Worcester factories as a china flower-maker.  She now does demonstrations for the public and groups, and over a series of online videos she shows off her incredible skills at making botanical decorations out of a special rice and potato flour clay. You will marvel at the delicacy of these floral masterpieces from tropical orchids and tiny daisies to roses and peonies.

Avril creates them all before your eyes while sharing a couple of interesting stories from her time working at the factory. Examples of Avril’s work such as her popular primrose brooches are available to buy from the Museum shop.

You can watch Avril make a beautiful tea rose below.


You can watch more of Avril Pulley’s demonstration videos on the Museum of Royal Worcester’s YouTube channel. Please do leave a comment and share it and tag us so that more people can discover the Museum.

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