If you are a researcher or just simply looking to indulge in some Royal Worcester history, we can highly recommend the books below from our reading list.

Books that are out of print should be available through your local library (Out of print).

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First period Dr Wall

The Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain 1751–1793
H Sandon 1969
Chapters on Warmstry House and site excavations, the founding of the Worcester company,
checklist of shapes, wares produced.
Out of print

Worcester Blue & White Porcelain 1751–1790
Branyan, French and Sandon 1981
General Chapters plus detailed catalogue of all known blue and white patterns with historical
information and illustrations.
Out of print

In Search of James Giles
G Coke 1983
Historical study of the work of James Giles London Studio 1763–1776, includes illustrated
catalogue of the Coke Collection, now in The Museum of Royal Worcester.
Out of print

The Klepser Collection
S Spero
More than a catalogue of a Dr Wall Worcester collection, entries include detailed
information on patterns and known services. Well illustrated.
Out of print

Worcester Porcelain & Lund’s Bristol
F Barrett 1966
Historical study of early years including chapters on black printing, blue and white, Giles, 96
Out of print

Caughley & Worcester Porcelains 1775–1800
G Godden 1969
Detailed historical study and comparison of two factories, very well illustrated. Includes
extracts from Chamberlain order books.
Out of print

Worcester Porcelain, The Wall Period and its Antecedents
F Severne Mackenna 1950
Historical study includes chapters on various decorations, named services, fakes, marks etc.,
Out of print

Coloured Worcester Porcelain of the First Period 1751–1783
H Rissik Marshall 1954
Historical study includes chapters on Giles, O’Neale, Bristol, figures, landscapes & the 1769
sale. Also illustrated catalogue of the Marshall Collection.
Out of print

Worcester Porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum
D Reynolds 1988
Catalogue of a selection of items from the Marshall Collection at the Ashmolean. Colour
Out of print

Worcester Porcelain 1751–1790, The Zorensky Collection
S Spero and J Sandon 1996
A well illustrated catalogue of an extensive collection of Dr Wall porcelain, packed with
historical information.

Lund’s Bristol and Early Worcester Porcelain 1750–1758
Simon Spero 2005
With a chapter on the AJ Smith collection and a chapter on England in the 18th century by
Richard Burt. 273 pages with full colour illustrations and index.

The Art of Worcester Porcelain
Aileen Dawson 2008
248 page hard back, Illustrated in full colour this book catalogues 101 items of Worcester
porcelain in the British Museum with an excellent introduction and index.

James Giles, China & Glass painter 1718–80
Stephen Hanscombe 2005
A catalogue to a loan exhibition at Stockspring Antiques, London Well illustrated in full

The Early James Giles and his contemporary London Decorators
Stephen Hanscombe 2008
A catalogue to a loan exhibition at Stockspring Antiques, London Well illustrated in full


Chamberlain Worcester Porcelain 1788–1852
G Godden 1982
Standard work on this factory, well illustrated, includes detailed historical information, index
of employees, list of known ornamental shapes, pattern list and survey of marks.
Out of print

Flight & Barr

Flight and Barr Worcester Porcelain 1783–1840
Henry Sandon 1978
Standard work on this factory including history of the company, lists of known artists, known
services and marks. Well illustrated.
Out of print

Hadley & Sons

James Hadley & Sons, Artist Potters, Worcester
Peter Woodger 2003
Detailed history of the Hadley factory and its output. Including illustrations of all shapes and
decorations produced.


Graingers Worcester Porcelain
Henry and John Sandon 1989
General history of the Grainger Company, well illustrated. Includes list of Grainger tableware
patterns, ornamental shape list and marks. Short list of known employees.
Out of print

Locke & Co

An Exhibition of Porcelain Manufactured by E Locke & Co Worcester
Harris and Willis 1989
A small illustrated booklet giving basic historical information and marks. This is the only
published work on this factory.
Out of print

Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester Porcelain 1862 to the Present Day
H Sandon 1973
Standard work on the history of Royal Worcester 1862– c.1970, includes list of artists,
modellers, ornamental shapes, selective list of tableware patterns and Royal Worcester marks
– a good reference book. Chapters of general information on each decade of production, also
Grainger and Hadley. Over 200 illustrations of items from the Museum Collection.
Out of print

The Sandon Guide to Royal Worcester Figures 1900–1970
HJ and D Sandon 1987
Useful reference book giving details of all unlimited Royal Worcester figures, well illustrated,
includes short biography of modellers and some technical information. This book does not
include limited editions.
Out of print

Worcester China, A Record of the Work of 45 Years 1852–1897
RW Binns 1897
A contemporary view of Royal Worcester manufacture by the Art Director and Joint
Managing Director. Chapters on exhibitions, VIP’s, Historical styles, American trade etc.
Out of print

A Guide to Dating, Royal Worcester Porcelain Marks
D Shirley
A useful small booklet giving details of the most commonly used Royal Worcester marks.
Out of print

The Charlton Standard Guide to Royal Worcester figurines 3rd edition
Edwards 2005
A comprehensive catalogue of all figures produced by Royal Worcester between 1900 and
2000. All entries are illustrated and give details of sizes, colours and editions. Index.

Worcester Porcelain
John Sandon 2009
New introduction to the popular range of Shire Books. Well illustrated, general history of all
the Worcester factories. 64 pages.

General Books

Royal Worcester Porcelain and the Dyson Perrins Collection
Frost and Cook 1993
Popular illustrated guide including general history of the Worcester factories, information on
manufacturing processes and Museum history.
Out of print

The Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain Vol 1 1751–1851
J Sandon 1993
Useful reference book for early years, well illustrated, includes entries for named patterns,
known workmen, shapes and technical terms. Includes Dr Wall, Chamberlain, Grainger, and
Flight and Barr factories.

Porcelain in Worcester 1751–1951, An Illustrated Social History
R Jones 1993
Good basic history including many illustrations of the Worcester factories, departments at
work and well known employees. Original photographs (previously unpublished) factory
notices and plans from The Museum of Worcester Porcelain.

Worcester Porcelain
S Fisher 1968
Short general history (1750–1947) 97 illustrations of items from the Museum of Worcester
Out of print

A Century of Potting in the City of Worcester 1751–1851
RW Binns 1877
General history of manufacture in Worcester including extracts from Chamberlain records,
list of shareholders and marks, copies of Royal Warrants. Illustrated.
Out of print

Distinguished Extinguishers
Tony Horsley 1999
Comprehensive and well illustrated catalogue of British Candle Extinguishers. Historical
information and survey of marks.

English Blue & White Porcelain of the 18th Century
B Watney 1963
Chapter on Bristol and Worcester with illustrations.
Out of print

The Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks
G Godden
Comprehensive directory of British ceramic manufacturers and their marks. 18th, 19th and
20th centuries included.
Out of print

Landscapes on Derby and Worcester Porcelain
J Twitchett and H Sandon 1984
Concentrating on 1790’s to 1840’s, comparison of two factories with illustrations.
Out of print

18th Century English Transfer Printed Porcelain & Enamels
The Joseph M Handley Collection 1991
Survey of on-glaze prints on Dr Wall porcelain, good information on print sources with
Out of print

A Compendium of British Cups
M Berthoud 1990
Comprehensive guide to identification of tableware by shape. 1,500 black and white
illustrations. 1750–1850, with few later examples included.

A Anthology of British Teapots
P Miller and M Berthoud 1985
Comprehensive guide to identification of tableware by shape. Very well illustrated.
1750–1850, with few later examples included.

British Teapots and Tea Drinking
R Emmerson 1992
Fascinating study of the introduction of tea to Britain, includes social and historical
information as well as a fully illustrated catalogue of the Twining Teapot Gallery at The
Norwich Castle Museum.

The Parian Phenomenon, A Survey of Victorian Parian Porcelain Statuary and Busts
R Dennis 1989
A very well illustrated guide to the production of Parian in Britain with lists of all known
models produced by the major and some minor manufacturers. Good section on WH
Kerr & Co and Royal Worcester. Useful for identification of unmarked pieces or unknown


If you feel there are some books we need to add to our reading list, please get in touch so that we can include these books for consideration.

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