It has been a tradition since the 1930s for a visiting international cricket team to play the first match of the season at the New Road Ground, Worcester. Many of the touring sides from all over the world decided to visit the Royal Worcester porcelain factory as part of their visit. The visits were commemorated by the production of a special plate to mark the event, decorated with copies of all the signatures of the members of the touring side and an acid etched gold border.

The team were asked to sign a book and a skilled engraver would copy the signatures onto a copper plate. The signatures would then be printed in gold onto  bone china plates.

Each member of the Touring Side was given a plate with the option to buy a second one if they wished. A few extra plates were made, one for Lords Museum and a few for sale to specialist collectors and some officials. Altogether about 50 or 60 plates were made on each occasion. The extra ‘Ashes’ plate, produced in 1953, was different to the others in the series as it included the signatures of both teams.

The following plates were produced:

1938 Australia (3 May)
1949 New Zealand (June)
1950 West Indies (9 May)
1952 India
1953 Australia
1953 Ashes plate
1954 Pakistan
1955 South Africa
1956 Australia
1957 West Indies (1 May)
1958 New Zealand
1960 South Africa (4 May)
1962 Pakistan (2 May)
1963 West Indies (1 May)
1964 Australia
1965 New Zealand
1966 West Indies (4 May)
1967 India
1967 Pakistan (22 Aug)
1968 Australia
1969 West Indies
1972 Australia (1 May)
1973 New Zealand (30 April)

Other Cricketing commemoratives included:

1964 Worcester County Cricket Club, County Champions cigarette box and dish
1964 Worcester County Cricket Club, County Champions Bowl
1973 Plate made to celebrate 1,000 runs by Glen Turner (May 1973)
1977 Ice pail, Centenary of Test Matches Australia Vs England 1877–1977
1991 Plate made for Somerset County Cricket Club, 100 years of Championship Cricket 1891–1991
1999 Double figurine, Worcester County Cricket 1899–1999

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