Worcester factory ownership

1751Original Partnership Dr John Wall and William Davis being two of the 15 partners in the Warmstry factory.
1776Dr Wall died, other partners continued to own company.
1783Flight – Warmstry Factory sold outright for £3,000 to Thomas Flight.
1792Flight & Barr – Martin Barr buys into partnership with Thomas Flight.
1804Barr, Flight & Barr – Warmstry factory owned by Martin Barr Senior, Joseph Flight & Martin Barr Junior.
1813Flight, Barr & Barr – owned by Joseph Flight, Martin Barr Jnr & George Barr.
1840Chamberlain & Co – Flight, Barr & Barr merger with Chamberlain company (formed independently in 1788). The Barr family only retained a minor share.
1852Kerr & Binns new partnership established and all manufacture moved to the Chamberlain factory in Severn Street.
1862Worcester Royal Porcelain Company formed with Edward Phillips as major shareholder in a joint stock company. (From 1862 the company was known as Royal Worcester).
1889The Worcester Royal Porcelain Co bought Grainger & Co.
1905The Worcester Royal Porcelain Co bought Hadley & Sons.
1930Harrison, Robinson & Col Clive bought The Worcester Royal Porcelain Co from the receivers.
1934CW Dyson Perrins bought The Worcester Royal Porcelain Co.
1954The Worcester Royal Porcelain Co became a public company.
1958Royal Worcester Ltd, a holding company was formed (Owning Palissy Pottery Ltd and Worcester Royal Porcelain Co Ltd, Worcester Royal Porcelain Co Canada and Royal Worcester Porcelain Inc USA).
1976Royal Worcester Ltd merged with Carborundum Co of Niagara Falls to become Royal Worcester Spode Ltd (the group now included Spode Inc, Spode Canada Ltd, Hammersley China Ltd and Barthmann Cristall GmbH).
1978Royal Worcester fully owned by Royal Worcester Ltd.
1983Royal Worcester group bought by Crystalate Ltd.
1984Royal Worcester bought by London Rubber Co (later re-named London International – Welwyn Electronics and RW Industrial Ceramics were retained by Crystalate Ltd).
1988Royal Worcester owned by Derby International.
1993Royal Worcester owned by Exeter International (subsidiary of Derby International).
2000Royal Worcester owned by Royal Worcester and Spode.
2005Large part of the Royal Worcester Severn Street factory site sold to developers.
2006Rationalisation – all production except Painted Fruit now made over-seas.
20086 November, Royal Worcester and Spode taken into administration.
2009Royal Worcester name purchased by Portmeirion Pottery, Stoke on Trent.
200914 June, Severn Street factory site and shops closed.

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