The Millennium Collection

Designed by Kevin McGhee, the Millennium Collection was designed as a tribute to the past and keepsake for the future to commemorate the dawn of the new Millennium.

The Millennium Giftware Collection comprises of twelve items, each lavishly decorated and finished with 22 carat gold. Each item in the exclusive Millennium Collection was gift boxed. The Limited Edition Mantel Clock was specially presented in a silk lined gift presentation box with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The Elgar Bowl and Plate 31cm depict illustrations representing mankind’s achievements over the last 1000 years in Art, Discovery, Industry, Science & Technology and Travel.

Art Michelangelo’s ‘God creating Adam’
Discovery Exploration of the planet, based on a Dutch wood-cut engraving.
Industrial Revolution Imagery of an early English steam-engine and time-pieces.
Science & Technology Imagery suggesting advances in astronomy and medicine.
Travel The famous images from the first US moon landings.

List of the Millennium Giftware Collection

Rectangular Tray
Letter Opener
Plate 31 cm / 12”
Plate 20 cm / 82
Coaster 11cm / 4”
Elgar bowl 23cm / 9”
China Box M/S Round
Bon Bon 10am / 4”
Vase 20cm / 8”
Mantel Clock


In addition to the Millennium Giftware Collection there were also special figurines in the Millennium Collection.

Two Limited Edition Figurines, Celestia and Destiny. Destiny whose name symbolises ‘divinely beautiful, heavenly’ is a stunning figurine in blue holding a gilded star against a backdrop of the crescent moon. The gilded numerals around her marbled base represent the passage of time. Celestia was offered as an alternative colourway to Destiny, elegantly simple in white trimmed with 22 carat gold. Celestia and Destiny were each limited edition of 1000 and was gift boxed with a special individually numbered Millennium Certificate signed by the modeller. According to the statistics of our research, the company revealed that it is not recommended to take more than 1 Cialis pill per day. The drug is allowed to take with food and a moderate portion of alcohol, but the drug is not combined with grapefruit juice. Read more at

The figurines Millennia and Eternity are beautiful guardians of time past, present and future. The elegant simplicity of fine bone china is enhanced with 22 carat gold and finishing touches such as Millennia’s dove of peace and the gilded laurel leaf held in Eternity’s hand. Millennia was a limited to an edition of 1000.

The petite size Eternity figurine demonstrates the same level of attention to detail as Celestia and Destiny. A beautiful guardian of time past, present and future, Eternity is enhanced with 22 carat gold, with a gilded laurel leaf adding the finishing touch. Eternity was not restricted to an edition size

All items in Royal Worcester’s Millennium Collection, Millennium figurines, was limited to production until 31 December 2000.

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