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We need your help with Operation #DefrostTheMuseum

The Museum is all about celebrating heritage but there are some things that don’t improve with age and our front doors are one of them!

Our Front-of-House team have started to complain of a breeze up their garters and a chill on their nose and have taken to wearing thermal underwear and woollen hats.  We’re also noticing a financial chill, in the form of dreaded energy bills creeping ever skyward.

The Museum really is one of Worcester’s Gems, and our team of staff and volunteers agree it is a privilege and a pleasure to come to work to spend time in this historic building (a former Victorian school house), and welcome people to enjoy the  beautiful pieces of porcelain in our collections.

But the heavy glass doors are very draughty, and have dropped on their hinges making them awkward and temperamental, they’re of an age where replacement parts are no longer available

So, we put our woolly hat-covered heads together and came up with a plan for Operation #DefrostTheMuseum. We want to retire our old front doors and replace them with new high quality ones that will not only free our team of their thermals, improve energy efficiency in the Museum (freeing up money to be spent elsewhere), but also help make our beautiful building and stunning collections more accessible to all including wheelchair users and families with pushchairs.

We have already managed to secure a substantial amount towards the new doors with help from the Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust and the Hobson Charity, but we need your help for the final push.

Today, we have launched our Crowdfunding appeal: Operation Defrost The Museum. Every single penny helps, from £1 to £100 all donations will be added to the pot in order to help replace our old doors and enable our staff to strip off their Long Johns and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint.

Your support will enable the installation of a high- quality disability friendly entrance that  supports the Museum to welcome all visitors to the exceptional collection and protect it from harm, preserving it for everyone to experience, understand and enjoy today and for future generations.

Please donate here. As a thank you for your support, we will contact you to offer these gifts.

£25 – Freshly brewed tea, coffee and biscuits on your next Museum visit for two people, served on Royal Worcester.

£50 – selection of 5 new notecards of  Museum of Royal Worcester archive bespoke designs

£100 – £10 gift voucher to use in the Museum Shop.

£250 – One Paint-Your-Own-Pottery at home kit, contains everything you need to paint your own unique item.

£500 – one hour personalised guided tour by Museum Director, Sophie Heath for up to 5 people, with refreshments served on Royal Worcester china.

Please share #DefrostTheMuseum far and wide on social media to help spread the word. Thank you!

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