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Dorothy Doughty's limited edition bird models for the American market stretched what was thought possible to achieve in porcelain. Royal Worcester developed new techniques and matt glazes to realise her ambitious lifelike birds.
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The models produced by Dorothy Doughty revolutionised the skills of the Worcester workforce. Dorothy’s models of birds in their natural habitat stimulated the development of complex flower making, kiln propping and special matt colours for a realistic effect.

In 1935 Dorothy began modelling a series of Limited Edition American Birds for the American market and as a keen ornithologist was determined to make them as life-like as possible. Dorothy made two visits to America to study the birds in their natural habitat, making sketch models to spontaneously capture their character. Dorothy writes a delightful account of her study of this pair of Cactus Wrens in the Sonora Desert Museum, Arizona:

We found his nests in the most prickly cactus bushes, to be safe from snakes, for he hates snakes, and when he finds one he will perch above it and scold at it, exactly as our tiny English Jenny Wren will scold at a cat.

Date: 1959
Artist: Dorothy Doughty
Material: Bone china
Factory: Royal Worcester

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