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This large platter is credited as being the first example of the "Painted Fruit style" that Worcester became famous for in the 20th century. Painted by Octar Copson the plums and pear are depicted with incredible texture and realism.
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This large circular platter is famous for its realistic painting of ripe fruit by the artist Octar Copson. Copson was the first to paint in this celebrated style, depicting lifesize, realistic and tactile fruit with all its natural imperfections. This style of painting can also be seen in late Victorian watercolours by artists such as Oliver Clare.

The platter is said to have been commissioned to mark the introduction of the ‘Purple Pershore’ plum, which arose locally near Drakes Broughton around 1877, a couple of years before this object was painted. This realistic style of painting fruit became a hugely popular and iconic style at Royal Worcester in the 20th century.  It not only celebrates the mastery of the art of ceramic painting achieved at Worcester but also proudly shows off the bounty of orchard produce that Worcestershire was famous for.

Date: 1880
Artist: Octar Copson
Material: Bone China
Factory: Royal Worcester

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