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A rare and magnificent garniture of vases with richly painted mythical scenes - the best surviving example of the works done for Worcester by leading miniaturist painter John Donaldson.
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This magnificent garniture was painted by John Donaldson, a well-known Scottish miniature and portrait painter who worked in London in the 1760’s, most notably for the Chelsea Porcelain factory. Donaldson was well known for his richly enamelled tableaux scenes on vases, generally after Antonio Watteau or François Boucher which were the height of fashion as the French Rococo taste spread throughout England in the mid-18th century.

On each of these vases are large painted panels with figures after Boucher, including Mercury confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs, Europa and the Bull, and Leda and the Swan. The panels are framed with intricate Rococo gilding against a dark underglaze blue ground, typical of Worcester decoration.

Donaldson’s initials can be seen in the foreground of each painted panel signifying the esteem in which he was held. This garniture is the best surviving example of the rare work Donaldson produced for Worcester Porcelain.

Date: 1768
Artist: John Donaldson
Material: Soft paste porcelain
Factory: Dr Wall
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