Image shows Royal Worcester factory

Friends of the Museum are delighted to announce that as part of the 2022 Worcester Film Festival, ‘The Dr Ordered Clay’ will be screened on Friday 14 October at 14:30 in Henry Sandon Hall.

This 20 minute film celebrates world-class ceramic heritage, where it was made, now the regenerated site of Royal Porcelain Works. The fact that this film features one of the Museum’s Showstopper objects ‘Princess Elizabeth on Tommy’, at her first trooping of the colour, on police horse Tommy, makes it even more special.

The high-resolution digital remastering of the original production material was funded pre-Covid by Friends of the Museum, who have been looking for a chance to share it with our wider community. The Film Festival is in its second year, and Kirstie Gregory, Festival Director, said that ‘we are delighted to help celebrate our heritage location, that put Worcester on the map nationally and internationally.’

Princess Elizabeth is portrayed in the film riding Tommy, a police horse, during her first trooping of the colour. As one of the Museum’s 25 Showstopper items, this was Royal Worcester’s first limited edition model ever. The Dr of the title, refers to medic Dr John Wall, who was the founder of  Worcester’s first porcelain factory.

You can book a seat for £6 to watch The Dr. Ordered Clay, which also grants you access to any of the films being screened that day at the Film Festival.

You are warmly welcome to join Friends of the Museum at the Museum afterwards for tea, coffee and cake in the Exhibition Hall, which will be served on Royal Worcester China. Donations welcome. Meet your fellow audience-goers and enjoy a conversation with them and share your thoughts on the film.

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