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The Art of ceramic Figure and Vase Modelling – Demonstration and Talk, by Master Potter, Roger Green

In The Art of Ceramic Figure and Vase Modelling demonstration and talk, you will hear from Master Potter, Roger Green, as he takes you on a fascinating tour with insight into skills and creativity.

Were it not for a timely decision at the age of 21-years Roger Green may not have embarked on his 40 plus year career at the Porcelain. Leaving ICI and big insulators behind, he switched and became a trainee assembler of figurines at Severn Street. Not an obvious job change, but one that saw him ultimately become Head of Development in the early 1990s.

His talk is a precious snapshot of the lives of porcelain workers who daily crafted ornamental figurines and vases. It’s a visual delight where the intricate process of casting a piece will come to life – once again.

Roger worked on many of Royal Worcester’s best loved series including Days of the Week and Months of the Year – sculpted by Freda Doughty, and on much collected limited editions like the Royal Worcester Charolais Bull – modelled by Doris Lindner.

His technical knowledge as an assembler of figurines through to advanced caster of figurines, and from ‘cutting up models’ to senior mould caster, will inform and fascinate. But it’s his tales of local craftsmen and women, some of the best in the business, that will evoke memories of a vibrant, working factory. People like John Harrison, a huge character, living just up the road from the Porcelain – whose brilliance as a vase maker saw Porcelain officials look the other way as he regularly pursued his penchant for ‘the horses’ in work’s time.

Roger’s passion for the Porcelain is infectious. He says:

I ended up with one of the best jobs in the country working with the likes of John Bromley, Peter Holland and Maureen Halson, the most eminent sculptors of the time. Forty years at the Porcelain – it was brilliant.


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