Artistic Arabic writing, or calligraphy, has developed over a thousand years, both for books including the Qur’an, and for inscriptions and buildings as decoration. It is used widely today and is considered a major form of art, reflecting the beauty and the wealth of Arab culture.

While the Museum of Royal Worcester does not have many objects with pure calligraphy, Worcester porcelain borrowed design inspiration for shapes and patterns from the Middle East and India in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the museum also has objects with Arabic script and lettering.

Have you ever tried to write your name or your favourite word in Arabic? We’ve created a worksheet which combines Arabic letters with coats of arms inspired by pieces in the collection. Why not have a go!

DOWNLOAD the worksheet here.

VISIT THIS PAGE to find out more about our exhibition ‘Worcester Porcelain and the Arts of Islam’.

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Visit this page from the BBC to find out more interesting facts about the Arabic alphabet!


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