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Each day the Museum is open until 15 October 2023

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We invite visitors to explore our Showstopper Trail in the Museum and online and discover the inspiration and achievements of Worcester porcelain through the stories of 25 glorious and significant objects, chosen from our world-class collection of 8,000. The physical Showstopper Trail is accompanied by an online Showstopper Gallery. Visitors to the Museum can watch short videos via QR code displayed by each Showstopper, giving fresh insights into the talent behind each piece and enjoy behind-the-scenes archive.

Museum Director, Sophie Heath explains:

‘The Showstopper Trail in the Museum and online brings together businesses, supporters, art and design lovers and Worcestershire residents, to celebrate 250 years of excellence in quality and ceramic design. We are excited to launch this opportunity for organisations and individuals to become Showstopper Sponsors and join with us to share in and support the Museum’s work. The Showstopper Trail showcases Worcester’s heritage of innovation, skill and ambition as a pioneering centre of porcelain manufacture and international giant of the ceramic industry. We are thrilled to share the special stories of our Showstoppers’ and engage audiences with this fascinating and prized part of Worcester’s history. It is exciting to work together with businesses and partners to recognise their support, draw visitors to our heritage city, and inspire people to get creative.’

Charlotte Thornton-Smith of Harrison Clark Rickerbys solicitors explains:

‘We are sponsoring the Showstopper ‘Angler under a Willow Teapot’ from 1755. The reason Worcester porcelain became commercially successful was that they included soapstone in the recipe so it did not crack when boiling water was poured into it, so it could meet the demand for consuming tea from China. Royal Worcester is synonymous with our region and its history. We are delighted to support the Museum with its Showstopper Trail which is insightful and exquisite, a perfect showcase. People are our passion and we are dedicated to supporting the communities in which we operate. ’

Richard Banks, of G. Herbert Banks, Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents are sponsoring the ‘Chamberlain Factory Vase’ from 1815.

‘I’m so excited that businesses get to be a part of such a special collection. This vase proudly positions the Worcester factory at the centre of the composition with the city and cathedral behind. A large sign proclaims their status as manufacturers for the Prince Regent.’

The Museum of Royal Worcester is an independent charity without any regular public funding. It costs £568 each day to care for and connect people with this magnificent local heritage. Companies interested in sponsoring a Showstopper Pot should contact the Museum directly.

The Showstopper Trail is open for visitors until 4 September 2023 and online via our Showstopper Gallery.

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